Our Lodges

Enjoy your stay in one of our many Lodges inside the VIP Area of Mangold Resort. Many of our visitors have started swarming about these cute houses, easy and comfortable access plus just a stone´s throw away to our pools. After a day tour you will be looking forward to reaching your “home” again. Our Lodges are all named according to European countries. Naming is common in Mangold Resort and part of our philosophy.

  • Bungalow “Great Britain”
  • Bungalow “Germany”
  • Bungalow “France”
  • Bungalow “Switzerland”
  • Bungalow “Austria”
  • Bungalow “Spain”
  • Bungalow “Italy”
  • Group Village “Benelux”, consisting of in total 5 rooms, “Belgium”, “Netherlands”, “Luxemburg”, “Finland” and “Sweden”

    For our long term stay international guests, we are offering fully equipped accommodations:
  • Residence “Mangold Suite”
  • Residence “Earth&Heaven”
  • Residence “Australia”

All accommodations are according to high European Standard equipped with King Size bed, Shower, CR, Aircon and Flat TV. All rooms are equipped with tiles. Additional sofa beds are available as well.. Relax on your own veranda taking a coffee or a cold drink served by a member of Mangold Resort Team.

“Enjoy Relax Recharge”

For booking or any kind of inquiries please contact us as follows:

Email: office@mangoldresort.com
Facebook: facebook.com/mangoldresort