Discover the Philippines

Mangold Resort Team is planning and venturing with you individually organized tours. The unique island group of the Philippines is actually offering everything which your heart is looking for while spending your holidays. There is no other Asian country where the nature is still kept alive to such an amazing extent. But slow moving: according to our experience, after a quite long journey our guests usually want to start their holidays according to our slogan: “Enjoy Relax Recharge”. After all, you when having arrived in Mangold Resort, no need to be on the run, but on holiday; hence, we do not necessarily propose bigger ventures during the first two days after arrival.

To get familiar with the new surroundings, to enjoy the own cute Nippa Hut, to cool down in one of the different pools, to watch the interesting life in the Resort, to enjoy a nap in your arm chair on your own veranda etc .. All these steps are important to get acclimated first. Actually you have just done quite a “ride“ to reach our place.

After that, as mentioned above, you may choose among various places of excursions and activities.