About Us

MANGOLD RESORT was originally founded in 2003, at that time known under the name “Tony Rose” Resort.

From 2003 until 2013 Tony Rose and his family had gradually developed the place in landscaping and by adding nice pools and cottages.

In December 2013, the German/Filipino Mangold family acquired the remote place in the middle of the jungle of Duale, in total 12.000 square meters.

We have started an extensive renovation to make out of this beautiful oasis not only a special and higher level Resort but as well a “meeting point” where local and international guests may exchange cultural happenings in a nice and wonderful atmosphere. This is one of our main missions.

Consequently MANGOLD RESORT “Relax Enjoy Recharge ” was born. On April 15th 2014 we were proudly celebrating our blessing and official opening ceremony, having invited many selected guests and our local catholic priest.

Our ambition is going the extra mile for our appreciated local and international guests by providing not only a good service but as well a “feel fine mood “, indeed “Enjoy Relax Recharge”. Within a short time you will find yourself as being a member of our family business, feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Thanks to our professional management, we consider ourselves as a Premium Resort. In addition we are keen to be premium regarding availability of facilities, friendliness and hospitality and finally cleanliness all over the place. Our cars, Min Van, two open Jeeps, our Family Jeepney, Tricycles and two Enduro motorbikes can be used including our drivers to plan your individual day trips at fixed conditions. There is no need for you to rent any vehicles.

You are welcomed to enjoy a good mix of Filipino tradition and German precision. Mangold Resort Team is looking forward to welcoming you. You will not regret it, that´s what we stand for.

Finally please remember the worldwide slogan: “There is more fun in the Philippines”.