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Development Updates

YOU - our valued customers and guests - have always been in the center of our thoughts with regards to developments/expansions of Mangold Resort, and this since the beginning of our operations in April 2014. In this context, we proudly pre-announce our ongoing construction: "A Small Resort inside the Big Resort" will be opened soon.

Do you need a special location for your Seminar, Training, Conference, Team Building Session, Birthday, Family/Company Reunion? The recently inaugurated Function Hall "Europe" presents the perfect location for such kind of events.

Friday, 25 February 2022 15:15

Childrens's Day in Mangold Resort

End of February Mangold Foundation has organized a "peaceful" Childrens's Day in Mangold Resort. Again, our area could nicely serve as platform for our social activities. The ongoing war in Europe has been touching as a lot and is worrying us here in Asia as well.

Another Charity Event launched by Mangold Foundation, in coop with the local police, took place on the Valentines Day 2022 02 14. In the focus of our social activities were old people in poor areas in small villages.

Dear all valued guests, visitors and friends of Mangold Resort,
First of all let me express the hope that this circular and update of Mangold Resort is reaching you well, and above all, in healthy condition. We all have had easier times in our life, no doubt.
We are all doing fine here in Mangold Resort, despite the fact that the "roller coaster ride" in our place has not stopped. Since March 2020, we have been facing ups and downs in terms of opening ... closed, open, partially closed ... the situation seems not to end, even more, since now, the Omikron variant has also reached the Philippines. For the time being, we are facing a partial lock down here again.

Perfect match to the Christmas Season 2021, Mangold Foundation, in coop with the local police and the "Blue Force" (voluntary police assistants) was organizing a charity event which took place in the humble fishermen village "Kitang III" here nearby our place.

Mangold Foundation was supporting for the second time the National Vaccination Program here in Limay. In total we prepared 75 food/drink packages in order to assist this well organized national action and also to share some efforts with the many voluntary helpers who have been working for weeks in order to give maximum vaccinations to the population so to make our country safe.

Friday, 05 June 2020 21:04

Project Water Tank, Water Supply

A continuous water supply has been an ongoing challenge for so many families here, especially when being located at a remote place. Mangold Foundation was supportive and handed over a water tank to a family plus making sure that the needed water supply is guaranteed. Although with low pressure, just gravity, however, it is important that the water is continuously running so that at site, plastic containers can be filled. So there is enough water for the needs of the family.

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