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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 19:41

Mangold Resort SPA and VIP Sky Lounge

Starting from June 2016 we have been busy with constructing our biggest ever building on two floors inside Mangold Resort: Our new MANGOLD RESORT SPA. Official Inauguration took place on 3rd December 2016.


In this new spot you will find a wonderful and unique designed Sauna, "Jungle Sauna", a Massage Room with two Massage Beds in a lovely relaxing silent surrounding.

On top of the building there is located our VIP SKY LOUNGE, a wonderful summit where our visitors can relax, meet, also eat and drink while overlooking the complete Resort area. The two famous German/Filipino Designers Erlinda and Uwe Mangold also designed in a native Bar, a Cooking Place, a BBQ place, and comfortable native tables plus chairs for bonding.

A real highlight and outstanding new area inside Mangold Resort. Here we will additionally show "the difference" to our valued guests.

  • 2016-12-vip-sky-lounge-01
  • 2016-12-vip-sky-lounge-02
  • 2016-12-vip-sky-lounge-03

  • 2016-12-vip-sky-lounge-04
  • 2016-12-vip-sky-lounge-05
  • 2016-12-vip-sky-lounge-06