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Friday, 25 February 2022 15:15

Childrens's Day in Mangold Resort

End of February Mangold Foundation has organized a "peaceful" Childrens's Day in Mangold Resort. Again, our area could nicely serve as platform for our social activities. The ongoing war in Europe has been touching as a lot and is worrying us here in Asia as well.

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Another Charity Event launched by Mangold Foundation, in coop with the local police, took place on the Valentines Day 2022 02 14. In the focus of our social activities were old people in poor areas in small villages.

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Perfect match to the Christmas Season 2021, Mangold Foundation, in coop with the local police and the "Blue Force" (voluntary police assistants) was organizing a charity event which took place in the humble fishermen village "Kitang III" here nearby our place.

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Mangold Foundation was supporting for the second time the National Vaccination Program here in Limay. In total we prepared 75 food/drink packages in order to assist this well organized national action and also to share some efforts with the many voluntary helpers who have been working for weeks in order to give maximum vaccinations to the population so to make our country safe.

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Friday, 05 June 2020 21:04

Project Water Tank, Water Supply

A continuous water supply has been an ongoing challenge for so many families here, especially when being located at a remote place. Mangold Foundation was supportive and handed over a water tank to a family plus making sure that the needed water supply is guaranteed. Although with low pressure, just gravity, however, it is important that the water is continuously running so that at site, plastic containers can be filled. So there is enough water for the needs of the family.

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Thursday, 06 February 2020 20:53

Target Project Solar Lights

In many remote places here the electrical supply is a problem and people have not the funds to invest in alternative solar energy. Mangold Foundation was supporting one Aita Village and one extended family living at a remote location by installing Solar Lights.

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Mangold Foundation has been periodically supporting this lovely old couple, living in the middle of the jungle, and this since more than 40 years!

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020 12:18

Distribution of Relief Goods

Mangold Foundation in cooperation with the local DSWD Departement (Department of Social Welfare) was distributing relief goods, clothes, shoes, toys and food packages to a remote village. Thanks to the patronizing of German families this additional social event was made possible. Many people, especially children could get their unexpected Christmas Gift and made them real happy. Thanks a lot to all those generous persons who are spending time with organizing, preparing, packing and finally sponsoring additionally the transport to the Philippines. Such international solidarity and charity are signs that there is still a lot of "good" in this world.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020 12:09

Sponsoring of a wheelchair

Mangold Foundation took care of organizing a wheelchair for a selected woman in need, 60 years old who suffered from a stroke some time ago. This aid is of big help for her and her 75 years old husband who is taking care of her in quite modest surroundings.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020 12:04

Mangold Resort Free Day for selected families

Mangold Foundation organized another social event using the area of Mangold Resort as ideal platform to make some children and their families happy. In coop with the local DSWD (Department of Social Welfare) and supported by the police, we picked up children from their remote homes and sponsored them a memorable day here Mangold Resort. All persons were hosted free and could enjoy food and drinks plus all our pools. Thank you to all our patrons for having made this event possible.

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Mangold Foundation

It is our mission to go on supporting poor and needy people here in the Philippines. It goes without saying that we will be in need of support from friends and patrons of Mangold Resort. Thank you very much for your decision to support us and our relief funds! Please remember that with a relatively small amount of money, we can make relatively many people happy, resp. we can relatively move a lot.

Your donation will be clearly targeted and you will receive individual information about how and for which mission your support was used. If you desire, we are as well inclined to open and follow related sponsorships for you.

THANK YOU! … to all friends and patrons of Mangold Resort.

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