Your Holidays in the Philippines

The Mangold Resort

Mangold Resort with its own access road is located 145 meters above sea level in the middle of the jungle of Duale, district Bataan on the biggest island in the Northern part of the Philippines, called Luzon. A Feel Good Oasis where native and international guests experience a cultural exchange and where holidays are spent together.

About us

MANGOLD RESORT was originally opened in 2003, at that time known under the name “Tony Rose” Resort.

Within the past 10 years, Tony Rose and his family have gradually developed the place in landscaping and by adding nice pools and cottages.

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Mangold Foundation

It is our mission to go on supporting poor and needy people here in the Philippines. It goes without saying that we will be in need of support from friends and patrons of Mangold Resort. Thank you very much for your decision to support us and our relief funds! Please remember that with a relatively small amount of money, we can make relatively many people happy, resp. we can relatively move a lot.

Make a Donation

Your donation will be clearly targeted and you will receive individual information about how and for which mission your support was used. If you desire, we are as well inclined to open and follow related sponsorships for you.

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