“We can hardly believe how quickly time has passed,” say Erlinda and Uwe Mangold, looking back on their departure from Germany in 2014 to open the Mangold Resort on the main island of Luzon in Erlinda’s home country in the same year. “All beginnings are difficult, and that was also the case for us; we would never have thought at the beginning that we would be able to look back on such exciting and intensive years after 10 years,” says the couple. When they took over, the premises – then still called the Tony Rose Resort – were in a very modest state in terms of the general structure and the range of rooms on offer. There were just two simple rooms. The quality of the so-called cottages for day guests was also anything but motivating.

The pools that already existed at the time all needed to be renovated. International guests were unknown in this area until then.

“Nevertheless, we accepted this real challenge at the time, knowing that we could create something special here with a lot of effort.” The Mangold Resort now covers an area of around 12,000 square meters. Including the two owners, the resort employs nine people. The site is now divided into two areas. In the so-called “VIP” area, a total of 16 bungalows are available to national and international vacation guests. The facilities meet European standards. The Mangold SPA, the Function Hall Europe (a hall for events), the Mangold Pavilion, a Music Lounge, a Sky Lounge and two pools are also located in this area. This is where mainly foreign visitors spend their vacation. Organization, airport pick-up and drop-off, events, excursions, etc. are handled by the Mangold Resort team. A minibus, a Filipino jeepney, enduros and off-road jeeps are available for this purpose. The Mangold Resort also offers its guests excursions to neighboring countries as required.

The three other large pools are located in the public area. These are mainly used by national day guests, who spend the day in so-called cottages without staying overnight. Visitors usually bring their own food and drinks. The capacity in this area is approx. 600 people. A total of approx. 30 cottages are available in different sizes, which are occupied according to the size of the group. A further pool is planned for this area in 2025. A kiosk is available for both areas plus a kitchen, “Linda’s Canteen”, where meals are prepared.

“The whole thing got off to a good start, but when we had to close completely or partially for almost three years in 2020 due to the pandemic, we had to think positively,” says Uwe Mangold with a smile. The couple continue: “Despite everything, we always believed in ourselves and continued to expand the resort with a somewhat reduced team despite the pandemic, in the hope that better times would come again. And they did come last year”. Even now in 2024, the couple see very good trends. Visits from abroad are becoming more regular again, the number of Filipino day guests is increasing, and group events, conferences, seminars, weddings, family and company celebrations are taking place again in addition to day-to-day business; none of this was the case in previous years.

Several construction projects are still being planned for the coming years, including a new two-storey entrance building, more bungalows and a new concept for parking spaces.

Erlinda and Uwe Mangold have remained loyal to their old home in Vöhrenbach. Once or twice a year, they spend a few weeks in the Black Forest, usually when the rainy season has started in the Philippines and it has become a little quieter at the Mangold Resort as a result.

On April 15, they can look back on 10 fulfilling, busy years.

Reason enough to celebrate a worthy 10th anniversary on this day.