In many of the so simply built houses here, the problem is the roof, or the terrace at the entrance. Only a few of the simple houses have a roof that can withstand the heavy downpours of the rainy season. Last year, the Mangold Foundation helped this family with new sheet metal sheets.

Now the roof is tight, and has also received a new coat of paint, so that it will last a few years longer. The extreme sunshine, which lasts for months, also contributes to the fact that materials of all kinds wear out more quickly. The current project was now about creating a clean terrace, so that not only the rain in front of and inside the house is kept away, but also that there is much more cleanliness in front of the house.

We chose a sturdy construction of stone, which is much more sustainable than a cheaper construction of wood or bamboo. In the end, the floor was also covered with tiles “crazy cut style”. Children, owners and helpers of the Mangold Foundation were able to complete a targeted, great building project.