End of February Mangold Foundation has organized a “peaceful” Childrens’s Day in Mangold Resort. Again, our area could nicely serve as platform for our social activities. The ongoing war in Europe has been touching as a lot and is worrying us here in Asia as well.

Therefore a day of social get-together feeling was even more welcomed. We invited young children from a small poor village together with some medium aged ones who are handled by the social authorities. The children were accompanied by four local police member is casual plus members of the social authorities. All children were treated by Mangold Foundation and they could enjoy a day full of joy and happiness. Pick up and bringing back home was also arranged in coop with the local authorities. Usually we wanted to hand over some clothes from our relief goods shipments from Europe, however, the overwhelming joy and fun which all children enjoyed all day long did not leave the occasion to further distribute any clothes during this day. Anyhow, we will foresee to do this in a second action, at site where all these children live in the near future.