Dear all valued guests, visitors and friends of Mangold Resort,
First of all let me express the hope that this circular and update of Mangold Resort is reaching you well, and above all, in healthy condition. We all have had easier times in our life, no doubt.

We are all doing fine here in Mangold Resort, despite the fact that the “roller coaster ride” in our place has not stopped. Since March 2020, we have been facing ups and downs in terms of opening … closed, open, partially closed … the situation seems not to end, even more, since now, the Omikron variant has also reached the Philippines. For the time being, we are facing a partial lock down here again.

Nevertheless, we have been ambitiously focusing on accomplishing one of the biggest projects in our small history – 2022 will be our 8th anniversay – as announced to you with our circular of August 2021. Today, we have the pleasure to officially present to you:


After an intensive time of construction, Mangold Resort has officially inaugurated the new “Mangold Suite” (first floor) “Earth” (second floor) and “Heaven” (third floor). This unique three-story building is located in the center of the overall area of Mangold Resort as part of our VIP Area.

Exclusively for our long term stay international guests and/or for those people who want to escape from a cold winter season, wishing to enjoy some sunny months here in Mangold Resort, this residence is the perfect alternative spot offering many attractive features which will make the stay a matchless one.

The 1st floor “Presidential Lodge Russia” is offering a 35 sqm Bed Room with Queen Size Bed, small table and chairs, a 55 inch Smart TV, Cabinet, Aircon split type, CR and shower room. Fully equipped indoor kitchen. “Stairway to Heaven and Earth” is leading to the second floor where the living unit “Earth” is welcoming you. Here, the area is offering a 20 sqm Bed Room with Queen Size Bed, 40 inch Smart TV, Cabinet, Aircon split type, CR and shower room. The bed view through the one sided mirror door is simply unique.

Kitchen & Snake Pool

The fully equipped outside kitchen unit on a space of another 15 sqm is the additional highlight on this floor where cooking – also native style – is a fantastic experience. Space for sunbathing, big table and chairs complement the lifestyle on this floor. The feeling of being up in the middle of nature is outstanding.

Finally, the direct access to your private “Snake Pool” by using the “Snake Tunnel Ride” will give to our guests the nothing to wish feeling.

Welcome to Earth

Inside the living room of Earth, a wooden staircase is leading you finally on the third floor, wonderfully designed in different blue tones, you have reached “Heaven”.

Yes, it is true as per the song: “Uuhh Heaven is a place on Earth” … also here in Mangold Resort, ?. Two Sofa Beds, a small table with chairs, blue carpet in the most romantic atmosphere will give you the feeling of being in heaven, indeed. The perfect location to wind down, to simply Enjoy, Relax and Recharge.

The overall view through the four windows in unique design makes you feel like really being a part of nature, up in the sky …

Last not least, the complete building is equipped with different LED light systems which contribute as well to the unforgettable evening/night experience when staying with us in this premises. Mangold Resort Management and Team are looking forward to hosting our valued guests here in future, living, spending time and being a part of our daily life here in Mangold Resort, besides all the excursions and tours we are offering to bring this wonderful country closer to you in so many respects. Knowing that we all will still have to face some time of uncertainties in travels, we can only hope that the pandemic situation will be more manageable soon, so that spending holidays in Mangold Resort will be an option again in the near future. We are ready and wait for you … ?