Dear all valued guests and friends of Mangold Resort, some time has passed since our last circular. The pandemic has had its impact, not only here, but all over the world, as we all know. Therefore, first of all let us express our hope that all of you are doing fine and that this email will be reaching you in a healthy condition. This is the most essential part of our life during this difficult period.

We have received so many kind messages over the past months for which I can only say Thank You a lot in the name of all Mangold Resort Team. Consequently, we decided to put together some of the cornerstones of our operations, more or less covering the start of the pandemic in March 2020 in order to answer most of the questions with this circular. The situation for us has not been easy, indeed. Our business has been strongly affected by this unforeseen pandemic with all its consequences. Daily life has been like a roller coaster; ups and downs durng the past months; open, close, partially open, close again, full operations, uncertain periods, etc ….

Additionally, to comply with all additional regulations and requirement has also been keeping us quite busy, actually until today. As mentioned above, not at all an easy period! Luckily we had not the need to reduce staff. Same as in 2020, Mangold Resort Team consists of 10 members, including Linda and myself.

Despite this difficult situation, however, the number of Filipino visitors we can judge as satisfactory, not overwhelming, of course, but they kept us alive. International guests we have not been hosting since June 2020; travel restrictions made an entry to the Island impossible.
Anyhow, despite the ongoing situation, our stable Team has accomplished a lot of construction projects which – under normal operations – would not have been possible to have implemented. Therefore, the only “good in the bad”, talking about the Pandemic, is the fact that we could consistently develop our overall area of meanwhile over 11.000 sqm.

Especially our VIP area has been in the focus of expansion, the area where – after seven years of experience – we have stated and will forecast a stable and successful business development in the coming years.

Today we have the pleasure to inform you about such most essential developments of Mangold Resort, time frame more or less since March 2020.

Bataan Park

After a total of seven months of work this unique, harmonically designed scenic park could be opened. Bataan Park has been kept naturally, green, was developed over many months with utmost loving care in every detail. In addition Bataan Park is equipped with customer friendly facilities where you can spend your day according to our motto: “Enjoy, Relax, Recharge”.

On an overall area of over 1.000 sqm, we can now offer in total 13 new, nicely designed Cottages and Lodges, plus an open air Function Hall named “Mangold Terminal”, all carrying names of famous Bataan spots. Another pool “Palawan” is scheduled to be built in this area in 2022/2023.

Odd thing: We just wanted to officially inaugurate Bataan Park with invited guests when we had to close for the first time due to the starting pandemic ..

Palengke Area

After five months of construction, we could open the new lifestyle area, named “Palengke” (“Market Place” in Tagalog language). This new spot will not only serve as reception area and relaxation space, but as well as entertainment spot for our long term stay visitors in the VIP area. Optionally also breakfast lunch and dinners can be served here. The new spot is nicely embedded just opposite our Deluxe Bungalows and very near to the VIP Pool “Atlantic Ocean”. Additionally Mangold Resort Spa with Sauna, Massage facilities and Gym on the first floor, plus upstairs the VIP Sky Lounge are easy to reach within just a few meters.

The convenient short cut access to the public area with all our Pools, Cottages, including the new Bataan Park is also given from this new cozy place. The pleasant overall surroundings of Palengke were designed in detail, harmonically, a green place, naturally kept and upgraded by lots of plants and flowers.

The originally built BBQ stone grill “Anton” is perfectly designed into the corner of the new area and is offering lots of opportunities. Grilling, baking and also fish can be smoked. A nice small bonfire is as well possible inside the strong walls of bricks.
Especially during evening hours after sunset, the silent scenery is wonderfully romantic. Many lights, lasers and LED effects contribute to the “nothing to wish” atmosphere, here in the timeless zone of our new Palengke area.

Bahay Ni Lola (The house of the grandmother)

Six pillars strongly hold the “Bahay ni Lola” (the House of the Grandmother) which is rebuilt as traditional Filipino House with Japanese influence. This old style house is completely made of wood. Its fancy swing windows are designed with shells to remember the old times when such kind of houses were seen a lot in the Philippines. This spot might serve as Seminar and Event Room or for any kind of outing up to 20 persons. It is located alongside Pool “Luzon”, on top of the new “Snake Pool”. Also, breakfast, lunch or dinners, or even a romantic candle light dinner can be served inside this unique house. On top, all necessary high tech equipment is available. A real nice mix of new and old, harmonizing perfectly with each other.

Snake Pool and Mangold Falls

This unique adventurous Snake Pool has its extraordinary character. Guarded by the huge Papa Snake “Baltazar”, fed with water by Mama Snake “Dora” and inside one of the two waterfall caves, the two Baby Twin Snakes “Ninjo” and “Ninja” will watch our visitors enjoying the fresh water. An unforgettable exciting, swimming together with our snake family.

The special artwork design is kept natural, a combination of stones and tiles with stone design, of course, snakes like stones .. ?
Just besides the Snake Pool the matchless “Mangold Falls” were designed in where our visitors can not only enjoy a personlized bath, but also hear the sound of dropping water. Finally, also a foot massage by pressurized water is making this Falls a real attractive spot.

Redesign of all bungalows

All our twelve Bungalows were undergoing a re-designing during these past months. Their new look and individual design has contributed to an enhanced beauty of our VIP Area. Individual geographical maps of the countries plus its heritage symbol give a unique touch to each bungalow.

Function Hall Europe

Further to repeated demands of Mangold Resort guests during the past, we have reacted accordingly and finalized just during these past days only the construction of our new Function Hall “Europe”.

Hence, we have now the opportunity to offer a spacious location for any kind of event where our guests need an appropriate equipment and appealing atmosphere, simply a unique ambience. Seminars, Company bonding, Team Building Sessions, Weddings, Family Reunions etc .. The list of events is long where this new Function Hall may be the right spot to be chosen. A big mirror wall (behind the white curtains) is even giving opportunities for sportive events such as Zumba, Aerobic, Yoga etc ..

Technical furnishings plus overall ambience correspond to highest, latest status. 50 persons find space in this attractive location. Parking just close by, toilets in front, VIP Area with all our 12 Bungalows just a stones throw away.

Presidential Lodge Russia and Heaven

For our long term stay international guests, Mangold Resort Team has been busy with the construction of a new three-story Executive Lodge. “Presidential Lodge Russia” on the first floor, on the second and third floor Lodge “Heaven”. From the first to the second floor, an original, 60 years old wooden staircase will lead you up, named “Stairway to Heaven”. First floor has been accomplished recently, except the outside facade.

This perfectly located spot inside our VIP area will become the “Best place in town” with an amazing view over the complete Resort area. The facilities on these new accommodations comply with highest European standards in any respect.
Unfortunately, heavy rainy season has made us postpone the project somewhat, anyhow, now it seems that the sun is again on our side and we can continue the comprehensive welding works. Estimated accomplishment of this project is scheduled for the end of the month of October (depending on the weather conditions).