The family who was in the focus of a further target aid project of Mangold Foundation has been living together with numerous family members for many years, three generations under quite confined space conditions.

The need of having a kitchen and washing area outside was simply given since there was not enough space inside their house. The Team of Mangold Foundation was taking the supportive measures for a period of almost two weeks by completely tearing down the previous temporary and insufficient location. After that, we could start arranging the water supply, walling, flooring, designing in the kitchen unit, lifting the roof and rearranging the roof construction. When basic works were accomplished, the electricity connection was installed, the new unit was tiled and painted. Finally also the front side of the house got a new coat of paint. The family has now an appropriate new location, where cooking and washing can take place in a nice environment, plus the new unit is comfortably linked to their house. All members were overjoyed and full of sincere gratitude.